Famous Bears Beartown


Winnie the Pooh

My name is Winnie the Pooh. I love eating honey and especially getting food from my friends. My best friends are Christopher Robin and Piglet and I live in the Hundred Acre Woods.


Paddington Bear

Hello I am Paddington Bear. I was renamed after being found at Paddington Railway Station in London by the Brown family. My original name was Pastuso and I came all the way from Peru.



Baloo that is my name, Mowgli is my friend and we live in the jungle. I am loyal but very ticklish. I am a sloth bear that loves to dance and play and I first appeared in 1967.


Fozzie Bear

Knock knock. Who’s there? Fozzie Bear that’s me. I am the local comedian from The Muppet Show. My best friend is Kermit the Frog. If I hadn’t have met Kermit I would have become a really good pick pocket.



I live with my parents in Nutwood village. I am Rupert and I enjoy wearing my red jumper and yellow checked scarf and trousers. My best chums are Bill Badger, Edward Truck, Algy Pug and Podgy Pig.


Little John

Although I am a big bear my name is Little John. I am the faithful sidekick to Robin Hood. I am talented with disguises and offer good advice to Robin. I live in Sherwood Forest.


Pooky Bear

I am Pooky, Garfield’s huggable teddy bear and only friend. I was found by Garfield in a drawer on the 23rd October 1978.



I am Bear and I live in a big blue house. I have many adventures with my friends Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop and Shadow. My first appearance was on the 20th October 1997.



Hello I am Sooty. How | got my name was that my owner covered my ears and nose with soot so I would appear better on a black and white television screen.



Bungle that’s me. I am from the television show Rainbow. I am quite clumsy and my friends are Zippy and George.

Bearmania is back!

Formed in 2015, a new team has been tasked with the design and production of hundreds of new bears, created by community members and used to promote local companies with Bear related events running all year round which involve the local community and which generates a buzz for the area.

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